Thursday, 13 October 2011

Liverpool 5 - Luca Veste

Up until now, Luca Veste has been primarily known for being a blogger, reviewer and interviewer and a great supporter of other writers and their work. Now he's thrown his hat in the ring and published his debut collection of short stories. So, how does it measure up?

The publisher says:
'Liverpool 5’ is five short stories based in and around Liverpool, England. Showing both the light and dark side of life in a famous city, featuring characters inspired by real life situations. From a friendship between an old guy and a young upstart, to a husband and wife in the last gasps of marriage, ‘Liverpool 5’ is about life and death, and the wafer thin relationship between the two.

My two penn'orth:

Luca Veste’s debut collection of short stories is a very varied selection with one thing in common — each one is an absolute belter. You’ll meet some great characters in the pages, a park bench philosopher, a glamour model, an impressively heavy sleeper, a put-upon wife, and two very different brothers.

As the name would suggest, the collection is very firmly rooted in Liverpool and the dialogue bears that out, having, as it does, the authentic ring of real speech. This is an impressive collection by any standards. The fact that it’s the writer’s first makes me very keen to see what comes next.

Liverpool 5 is well worth the 86p/99c price tag - grab a copy and see for yourself.

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