Friday, 7 October 2011

Heartbreaker - Julie Morrigan

All Johnny Burns ever wanted was to be in a band. When he and his best friend Tom Watson founded Heartbreaker, they realised their wildest dreams a hundred times over.

If the sixties was a naive and charming flower child, then the seventies was her big, bad older brother; darker, more worldly, less giving … and the eighties was his garishly-painted and promiscuous girlfriend. It’s no wonder against such a backdrop that things could become confused — and that dreams could turn to heartbreak.

When Alex Weston is hired to ghostwrite a book about the life of Johnny Burns and his band — from playing down-and-dirty pubs and clubs in the sixties, through the excesses of seventies stadium rock to eighties meltdown — even she isn’t prepared for the depths of excess, betrayal and guilt that she uncovers.

At the heart of the Heartbreaker story lies the tragic deaths of two members of a band at the very summit of its success — deaths wrapped in a web of secrets and lies. As Alex sets out to learn more and digs deeper into the past, she is forced to realise that she may have to confront Johnny’s part in the devastating events of all those years ago …

Now available on Smashwords, Amazon UK and Amazon US.


  1. Just bought from Smashwords. So excited about this one. Big time congrats.

  2. Thank you, Sean! I hope you enjoy it. (And I know you'll get all the wee music references! ;p)

  3. Cool. I have something coming up at the Flash Fic Offensive in Nov, thatI think you'll dig. Best of luck!

  4. Just finished Heartbreaker and greatly enjoyed it.