Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Sant, Slammer and Somebody likes Gone Bad

Darren Sant is the man who is everywhere just now, with Community Spirit, the second story in his Tales from the Longcroft Estate series, and Flashes of Revenge, six tales of vengeance, both recently released. PDB has the skinny over at YWST,WY. On top of that, you can hear Daz talking to Giovanni Gelati on blogtalk radio. Makes you wonder where he'll pop up next!

The news for Allan Guthrie fans (of which I am one) is that Slammer is now out on Kindle. It's an absolutely brilliant read, dark and twisty and unputdownable. (Yes, that is a word. ;p) But don't take my word for it - check out what the ubiquitous Darren Sant has to say over at Daz's Short Book reviews.

Finally, Crime Fiction Lover have published their top eight crime-themed e-book short story collections and I'm delighted to be able to tell you that my collection, Gone Bad, gets a mention. Just to bring things full circle, PDB is on there too, with Brit Grit, and deservedly so. There's not a bad book on the list and I am thrilled to be in such fine company.

Can't be bad!


  1. The wife listened to me on the blogtalk earlier. Laughing her head off me trying to be cool.

    Great to see GB getting the recognition it deserves Jools. Brit Grit much deserving too.

  2. Daz - I've still got it to listen to - looking forward to it! :)

    PDB - it's all happening - and it's all your fault!