Thursday, 22 September 2011

Death by Sarcasm - Dani Amore

Death by Sarcasm was on my radar for quite a while before I bought it, then it sat on my laptop a while before I read it. (I now have an e-mount TBR as well as a physical one.) I wish I hadn't left it so long! Dani Amore is a fine writer and she's treated us to a real page-turner with this book. At 99c/86p it's an absolute bargain and it's consistently ranking highly in the Mystery and Thrillers lists on Amazon (.com). Dani's second novel Dead Wood is also available and at the same bargain price (yes, I have it, but I haven't yet read it) and there's a follow-up to DbS featuring wise-cracking PI Mary Cooper on the horizon. Another one to look forward to.

What the publisher says
DEATH BY SARCASM introduces mystery readers to Mary Cooper, a Los Angeles area private detective who masks her true, caring nature with a razor-sharp, heavily sarcastic sense of humor.

In DEATH BY SARCASM, Mary learns that her uncle, a former stand-up comedian has been murdered. She is asked to assist in finding the killer by both the police and family members. Mary quickly discovers that her uncle’s death was just the opening act for a bloody rampage. As Mary investigates, she exposes a dark and deadly legacy with mysterious links to her own past.

DEATH BY SARCASM careens through Hollywood, Catalina Island and the exclusive enclave of Malibu, with nonstop action and unforgettable characters.

This is the first novel by Dani Amore, who can be found at her website,

My two penn'orth 
Death by Sarcasm is a terrific read: a brilliant cast of characters, great dialogue, biting wit, plenty of action … and revenge. What more could a reader want? Mary Cooper is a wonderful creation: spiky and acerbic, she wears her one-liners like armour and yet can’t disguise the fierce loyalty and vulnerability that are also elements of her nature. I hope this isn’t the only time we see her in action. Cooper is something special - mouthy, brash, intelligent, tenacious, brave and very, very funny. If there were sides to be picked, you’d want her on yours, even though she’d take the mickey out of you, mercilessly, from dawn ‘til dusk. What a gal!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Sant, Slammer and Somebody likes Gone Bad

Darren Sant is the man who is everywhere just now, with Community Spirit, the second story in his Tales from the Longcroft Estate series, and Flashes of Revenge, six tales of vengeance, both recently released. PDB has the skinny over at YWST,WY. On top of that, you can hear Daz talking to Giovanni Gelati on blogtalk radio. Makes you wonder where he'll pop up next!

The news for Allan Guthrie fans (of which I am one) is that Slammer is now out on Kindle. It's an absolutely brilliant read, dark and twisty and unputdownable. (Yes, that is a word. ;p) But don't take my word for it - check out what the ubiquitous Darren Sant has to say over at Daz's Short Book reviews.

Finally, Crime Fiction Lover have published their top eight crime-themed e-book short story collections and I'm delighted to be able to tell you that my collection, Gone Bad, gets a mention. Just to bring things full circle, PDB is on there too, with Brit Grit, and deservedly so. There's not a bad book on the list and I am thrilled to be in such fine company.

Can't be bad!

Monday, 5 September 2011

Status Stories: Leaving Home

Writer Nick Triplow has started a smashing  group on Facebook: Status Stories - short fiction in 100 words or less. I chucked my hat in the ring yesterday with Leaving Home (below, if you're interested). If you're on FB, why not seek us out? There are some cracking stories on there and it's damn good fun.

Also, Nick's debut novel is due out soon from Caffeine Nights Publishing. Frank's Wild Years is a blast - definitely one to watch for.

And another Nick - Nick Quantrill, this time - has his second novel out soon. Grab yourself a wee free peek at The Late Greats, why dontcha! 

And finally, a reminder that I have a new FB author page. Pop over and say hello, if you are so inclined. I'd be much obliged.
And now, without further ado, here's Leaving Home
Devlin saw his home town as if for the first time. It was a mess; graffiti, dog shit, litter … He heard a commotion and saw a running dog followed by screeching kids and a bloke with a watering can. The dog’s tail was ablaze, a fiery plume it was trying desperately to outrun. Zippo MacKay must finally be home: his mother would be pleased. Howling in pain, it ran into the road to be killed by a speeding, stolen Mondeo.

Devlin strode toward the bus station. Whatever he found on his travels, it could only be better than this.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Brit Grit - Paul D. Brazill

Paul Brazill is very much a mainstay of the crime fiction community - a prolific writer and tireless promoter of other folks' work, you can find him anywhere there's something good going on. His writing has a very distinctive style - it's unflinching in its honesty and full of great dialogue and humour. Humour that's as black as midnight. I'm a big fan of Paul's, so when he brought out a collection of stories recently, I was keen to grab a copy and get stuck in. Here's a bit more about it.

What the publisher says
Brit Grit, Paul D Brazill's first short sharp story collection, casts a bleary eye over Britain's' grubby underbelly in nine hard hitting crime stories. The collection includes Guns Of Brixton, which was chosen for The Mammoth Book Of Best British Crime 2011.

Spinetingler Award nominee Paul D Brazill has had stories in loads of classy print and electronic magazines and anthologies, such as A Twist Of Noir, Beat To A Pulp, Crime Factory, Dark Valentine, Deadly Treats, Dirty Noir, Needle, Powder Burn Flash, Thrillers, Killers n Chillers, Noir Nation, Pulp Ink, Pulp Pusher, Radgepacket Volumes Four and Five, Shotgun Honey& The Mammoth Book Of Best British Crime Volume 8.

He writes for Pulp Metal Magazine and Mean Streets.His blog, You Would Say That, Wouldn't You? is here:

He is the creator of the horror/noir series, Drunk on the Moon, published by Trestle Press.

My two penn'orth

Paul Brazill’s writing is a wonderful mix of gritty urban noir stylings, superb dialogue and wonderful one-liners.

Brit Grit gives you a meaty, informative introduction to the genre followed by nine terrific fast-paced stories populated for the most part by stoned, drunken, thieving losers. The absurdities of everyday life are meat and drink to PDB, and his observations and characters are in turn sad, poignant, greedy, wicked, ridiculous and funny. Very, very funny. This whole collection is shot through with rich, dark humour and it acts as an effective foil to some of the truly terrible acts his characters commit.

This is a dark, powerful and thrilling collection from one of crime fiction’s rising stars. Don’t miss it!

Brit Grit may be found here in the UK and here in the US.