Friday, 8 July 2011

New kid on the block

Let me introduce you to Beckah, a mate of mine who, having been bitten by the Friday Flash bug, has just started writing. I find this all the more impressive because Beckah is dyslexic - and let's face it, writing can be hard enough without adding extra obstacles to be overcome. (Mind you, it could just be an excuse to avoid studying for her exams. ;p)

This week sees the second part of Beckah's Chicago-based police procedural published over at her blog.

Part one is here: Silence

And part two is here: Trapped

I'm hugely impressed by what Beckah has achieved, especially since she was once told by a teacher not to bother reading, never mind writing, because being dyslexic, she would find it confusing.

Pop on over for a read. Leave a comment if you feel so inclined. If you do, thank you - and I hope you enjoy it.

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