Wednesday, 29 June 2011

News, reviews and interviews

And, you'll be relieved to know, it's not all about me. (But some of it is...)

On the news front, I heard about Lyrotica: An Anthology of Erotic Poetry and Prose yesterday. I mention it because it contains the writing of the immensely talented Richard Godwin. His debut novel Apostle Rising is a terrific read, and if you want an instant fix - and the chance to read both poetry and prose - he has two new pieces at Muck and Muse.

On to reviews. It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Josh Stallings, a writer who has knocked many of us sideways with his Moses McGuire series. The first book in the series was Beautiful, Naked and Dead (which I reviewed here on GB) and now the second book, Out There Bad, is available. It's a monster of a book, a wild ride and a worthy successor to BND, and my good friend Paul Brazill has read and reviewed it on his blog.

And finally, interviews. Nick Quantrill made his mark with debut novel Broken Dreams (which I rabbited on about here on GB) and he has just been interviewed by Luca Veste over at Guilty Conscience. Great stuff, well worth a read.

I've also been rattling on (again!) this time over at Iain Rowan's place. If you're not sick of me yet, you can read it here.

Now, sun's shining, coffee's brewing and work is calling. Later, people!

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Convictions - new review just in

I'm absolutely delighted with this fantastic review of Convictions from Darren Sant. It's always good to get positive feedback, and perhaps especially so when it comes from a fellow writer. Thank you, Darren!

Convictions is available for just 70p/99c until the end of June.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

All over the Internet like a rash

Well, it's been a brilliant few days for me (as Julie Morrigan) on the Internet.

First up, Sabrina Ogden wrote and posted a smashing review of Gone Bad at her blog, My Friends Call Me Kate. That was yesterday.

Sabrina was also generous enough to invite me to write a guest blog post for MFCMK, and that went up today.

Then to round off this embarrassment of riches, my interview with David Wisehart at Kindle Author also went live today.

Sincere thanks to Sabrina and David.

And if that wasn't enough, I also picked up Black Country Communion's second album today. Superb stuff. Highly recommended if you like your rock bluesy and your blues heavy. And I do.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Broken Dreams - Nick Quantrill

BROKEN DREAMS is Nick Quantrill’s debut novel, and it’s a cracker.

It can’t be easy being a PI in northern England - Hull, to be precise - and in Joe Geraghty, we have a character to savour. Joe isn’t perfect, but he’s essentially a good man, despite the things life has thrown at him. Flawed, tenacious, loyal and a romantic at heart, Joe gets by one day at a time, driven as much by misplaced guilt as the need to see justice done.

BROKEN DREAMS is a very satisfying tale, its characters believable and all too human, its many strands interwoven beautifully. One of those strands is Hull itself, the city and its history, the essence of the place coming through loud and clear.

This book should be on everyone’s ‘To read’ list, as should the much-anticipated sequel, THE LATE GREATS, due in autumn 2011. One to watch out for. links:
Kindle edition
Paperback edition