Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Look who's in the paper!

Absolutely delighted to be in the Newcastle Journal with a few words about Gone Bad. Many thanks to Darren Laws of Caffeine Nights Publishing for sorting me out with a press release and getting it onto the right desks. Very generous and very much appreciated!


  1. Wooo, look at you, Julie!
    Just commented over there.
    Great stuff.

  2. That was a real treat to read and very well done. Couldn't be happier for you.

    "Agatha Christie She's Not" that was an awesome opening line and a great compliment for a crime writer.

  3. Col - thank you for the kind words, here and there. Much appreciated!

    Sean - thanks! And yes, that opening line is a cracker! :)

  4. Hey! Ms Morrigan!
    I did my best to celebrate your notoriety dear Agatha-Not. You've been facebooked and tweeted and I suppose I should link you in too.

    Oh yes, I registered up for that esteemed publication and even tried to sneak in the link to your STAR story in the Rat Pack Revue but they un-http'd me. (betcha Agatha woulda got that plug)


    Oh, Julie Morrigan IS a bad girl. But she's sooooo good at it. For those fortunate with the inaugural GONE BAD book in hand, I suggest investing in bookshelves. Author Morrigan's prolifics will tempt and fill places in your mind you never saw coming.

    ~ Absolutely*Kate
    AT THE BIJOU global e'zine of theatre for the mind

  5. Thank you, Kate, very much appreciated. You're a star!