Monday, 1 November 2010

Day 1 NaNoWriMo: 2075 words

I won't be updating this here daily, but thought I'd mark the first day. Two thousand and seventy five words: not too shabby a start. Here are the first three hundred or so:


Penny woke with a start. Something had disturbed her sleep, something out of place… there it was again. A tapping on the front door.
            ‘Derek.’ She shook her husband awake. ‘Derek, there’s someone at the door.’
            ‘What time is it?’ Derek was groggy, full of ale and unhappy about being woken up.
            ‘Just gone two.’
            ‘Ignore it, Pen, it’s the middle of the bloody night.’
            Seconds later he was asleep again. Penny swung her legs out of bed, shuffled her feet into her slippers. Her head felt woozy and she regretted that last glass of wine: she’d be hung over in the morning and she had a busy day ahead of her, starting with picking the kids up from Derek’s mum’s house. The tapping began again. She sighed, pulled the bedroom door shut behind her and flipped on the landing light.
‘Who is it?’ she called when she got to the front door. ‘Who’s there?’
            She heard a strangled sob, then: ‘Mum.’ She fumbled the lock, panic making her clumsy, and yanked the door open to see her eldest daughter, bedraggled and tearstained. Penny gathered her child to her, felt the little girl sag against her, helped her over the step and into the sitting room, shushing her and flipping on lights as she went.
            Once they were seated, she brushed her daughter’s hair out of her eyes, fighting the swell of panic, trying to stay calm, trying not to scare the girl even more. ‘Tina, what’s happened, pet? Why are you not at your gran’s?’
            ‘Mum…’ Tina’s eyes were full of fear.
            ‘Where’s Annie?’ asked Penny, suddenly very afraid. Her two girls were inseparable.
            Tina shuddered. ‘She’s…’ she began, hesitantly. Then she cried out, ‘Mum, he took her! The man, he put us in his car and he took Annie!’


  1. Wow, what an opening! And to think, it all began so innocently with a bit too much to drink while the kids were at their grandparents'. Now I definitely want to read more of this tale.

  2. It's actually a cautionary tale about the dangers of liking boy bands! ;p

    Thanks, Sam - the tale is marching on. And it seems I was hanging out over at your place while you were here - wyrd! Loving the UCF stories - brilliant stuff!

  3. Boy bands, eh? Bleugh!

    I mentioned this post of yours on Twitter, but of course you'll have to sign up to see what I said. ;)

    Aye, spooky, isn't it. Pleased you're enjoying the UCF Stories, and thanks for the kind comments.

  4. I know - and there was you with 'The boys are back in town'! (One of my faves, that one!)

    Thanks for the mention on Twitter, much appreciated!

  5. Off to a great start. Every parents worst nightmare realized. Thin Lizzy Rules. Just watched a concert of theirs on Music on Demand last month. Phil Lynott was the shit. 2K words is huge for one session, at least for me. I'm good for about 1K, but I write from 10PM to 12 AM. Banged in sick one day and just wrote. It was so cool to do that. Been really digging working on the shorts lately, but just started working on my next long one, so the insanity has begun. Keep it up and do post more from time to time as I am already hooked on this one.

  6. Cheers, Sean! This is my first attempt at a novel-length story in ages. Really enjoying it! But despite the planning, I have a new character who was meant to just pop in and stay in the background, but who is very much making her presence felt. She won't shut up! I like her, though, so I don't mind.

    Good luck with your one. (Is this your second, or are there more out there?) It's a big commitment and a huge amount of work, but so satisfying when it's done. One of my favourite things (I can just about remember!) is putting a finished novel aside for 6 weeks or so, then taking a day just to read it and to kick off the editing process. Brilliant!